Megan began singing at a very young age. She made a grand entrance to her professional career at sixteen when she performed in 42nd Street at AMTSJ. That was followed by a scholarship to Brigham Young University for her excellence in musical theater. During this time, Megan was asked to relocate to Florida to star in a Disney musical. After two years at Disney she finished her schooling in London and graduated in the spring of  ‘99.

During her 20 years of professional experience, Megan has performed throughout the world singing and dancing with a number of touring companies. She has been contracted for numerous productions with Disney Entertainment and has been involved in a number original recordings and has extensive studio experience. This includes a recording contract in NYC with Seismic Records and singing at Capitol Records with artists like Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Joss Stone and others.


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Her work in casting includes: Indie film “When the Kids are Away,” Lion King and Jesus Christ Superstar. Megan’s work with Julia Flores Casting has greatly increased her skills in both teaching, performing and directing.

Megan has been teaching vocal performance for 12 years, ranging from beginners to professionals. With all of this experience, Megan McClannan Reardon has molded herself into a successful teacher and performer.

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