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Clips of Megan’s voice


Clips of Megan’s voiceover work


Clips of Video

“COME TOGETHER” - Megan sang on this project and cast all vocalists

TO MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVEMEGAN_DEMO_files/To%20Make%20You%20Feel%20My%20Love.mp3file://localhost/To%20Make%20You%20Feel%20My%20Love-17.mp3shapeimage_3_link_0

“When the Kids Are Away” directed by Jon M. Chu - on the Step Up 2 DVD. Megan was the casting director/actor for this musical short which will be a bonus feature on the DVD.

Bratz Fashion Pixies commercial.

Megan is the voiceover artist.

Toys R Us commercial.

Megan is the voiceover artist.


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